In 2002 the students of the Youth Reach Institute, Barntown, Co. Wexford, under the direction of Shirley Doyle, designed a number of Pilgrimage Banners. Each one depicts a Gospel scene based on a scripture quotation together with an appropriate local scene. Some of these Banners may be used during the Pilgrimage Season. Thanks is extended to these volunteers.

Note: Postcards depicting the Pilgrimage Banners are available in the Pilgrimage shop during the Pilgrimage season.


In The Beginning Was The Word
'In the beginning was the Word...'
Behold The Handmaid Of The Lord
'Behold the handmaid of the Lord...'
The Word Became Flesh And Dwelt Among Us
'The Word became flesh & dwelt amongst us'
My Soul Glorifies The Lord
'My Soul glorifies the Lord...'
My Spirit Rejoices In God
'My Spirit rejoices in God, my Saviour...'
The Almighty Works Marvels For Me
'The Almighty works marvels for me'
Cead Mile Failte
'A hundred thousand welcome to you,
Mary of the Gael...'
With Christ Of The Sea
'With Christ' of the sea...'
With Christ Of The Fish
'With Christ of the fish...'
I Am The Living Bread
'I am the living bread
come down from heaven...'
I Am The Resurrection
'I am the resurrection
and the life...'
I Am The Light
'I am the light of the world...'
I Am The Way, The Truth And The Life
'I am the way, the truth,
and the life...'
Let All Who Thirst Come To The Water
'Let all who thirst
come to the water...'
That We May Be Gathered Into God's Nets
'That we may be gathered into God's nets...'