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Our Ladys Island, Wexford

Our Mission Statement

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About us!

As the oldest Marian shrine in Ireland Our Lady’s Island welcomes
pilgrims and tourists all year round and aims to present the life
changing truths of faith in a manner and language that is
appropriate to all ages in the current age.

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Nestling in the most south-easterly corner of Ireland, and ten miles from
Wexford Town, lies the Parish of Our Lady’s Island. Although there is little
evidence of Our Lady ever appearing, this has been a centre of Marian
devotion and pilgrimage since at least the 6th century. It is by far the oldest,
and second only to Knock in Co. Mayo, as the most significant Marian shrine
in Ireland.

At the point where the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea converge, lies this
area of unparalleled beauty where nature joins with pilgrims in singing its own
song of devotion to Mother of God.

Lady’s Island is known as Lough Togher or the Lake of the Causeway. This
is a saline lake separated from the sea by a sandbar close to Carnsore Point.
Each year this sandbar is cut and the water from the lake that has built up
over the winter months is drained into the sea. The lagoon nature of the lake
and its proximity to the sea make it almost unique in Europe and an area of
great ecological significance.

Pilgrimage Centre

The Church of the Assumption

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