Historic Relic

The figure on the crucifix shown was found in the Lady’s Island lake in the vicinity of St Ibar’s in the summer of 1887. When first discovered, a small portion of the left arm was missing. Acting on the instructions of the Parish Priest, the late Venerable Archdeacon Roche, the finder – a boy named Cogley – renewed the search and, strange to relate, succeeded in finding the missing part which was subsequently joined to the figure.


Our    Lady's Island - Historic Relic

The tradition regarding this interesting souvenir of the past runs as follows:-


It once belonged to the old Church of St Ibar and was much venerated by the people. When, on that memorable October evening 1649, the alarm was given that Cromwell’s troops were marching from Wexford to attack Lady’s Island, a gallant effort was made by the people to save, from their vandalic fury, the sacred vessels and ornaments of the churches in south Wexford.

One young man named Duffy, rushed to St Ibar’s Church and, seizing this Crucifix which rested over the Tabernacle, fled with it across the shallow part of the lake. But, alas, it was too late. He was shot down by the brutal soldiers before he could reach the other shore, and his martyred blood crimsoned the waters.

The sacred burden that he carried lay concealed in the mud of the lake for centuries, until, as above recorded, it was accidentally discovered in the year 1887. The Shrine was presented by the Rev. Thomas O’Byrne C.C., Tacumshane on August 15th 1910.