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Our Lady's Island and The Church of the Assumption depend on the generous contributions of the local community and beyond.


It is through your generosity that we aim to preserve and improve the future of the parish. 

You may choose to donate to:

  • The Church of the Assumption

  • Fr. Jim Cogley (Personal Donation)

  • Web Cam Facility

  • Pilgrimage

Donations are made through PayPal.

Thank you!

Mission Statement

As the oldest Marian shrine in Ireland, Our Lady’s Island welcomes pilgrims and tourists all year round and aims to present the life-changing truths of faith in a manner and language that is appropriate to all ages in this current age.

Telephone: 053-9131167

Mobile: 086-2471063


The Parochial House,

Our Lady's Island, Co. Wexford, Ireland


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