The Grieving Self

The Grieving Self


The Grieving Self is a comforting companion on what might be a sad and lonely journey of coming to terms with loss. It is the product of a lifetime of reflection by the author on his own journey and from many years of feedback from numerous seminars on the subject of Loss and Recovery.


Written in everyday language it overflows with wisdom and insights that help make sense of the darker times where it is not just our loved one who is lost but it is we who are lost without them and feel trapped in a twilight zone. 

It is a central tenet of the book that while loss is universal, recovery is limited. While recovery is open to all, many get stuck in unresolved grief. What are the limiting beliefs that leave us feeling stuck? How do we begin to free ourselves and arise from the ashes of defeat and disappointment?


This book goes beyond the traditional manual of exploring the different stages of the grief journey. It looks at many of the less recognized aspects of grief that may be crucial to self-understanding and finding resolution.


It is offered with the hope that many who feel they have to wait until they die and get to the other side in order to be reunited with their loved ones, will find that day much sooner, as they get to the other side of grief. 


Death breaks an earthly tie, But love survives, When grief has passed, For love can never die.