The Twinless Self

The Twinless Self


What we don’t know can still deeply affect us!

This book contains groundbreaking material that expands the horizons of self-awareness. For many people it has implications that are enormous and far reaching.

It is a medical fact that more than one in eight people began their journey into life not on their own. They had a wombtwin or were part of a multiple pregnancy.

It is a medical fact that for every set of twins born, at least one in five were triplets.

There is ever increasing evidence that the memory of this early loss can be carried through life as a form of psychological trauma that has previously been unrecognized and usually misdiagnosed. The symptoms of having experienced loss in the womb, or shortly after, include:

A sadness and sense of loss that persists, A loneliness that eats into the bones, A difficulty with close relationships, A burden of guilt that is irrational, A black hole that nothing can fill, A tendency towards isolation, A creativity that is stunted, A difficulty with letting go, A search that is endless, A depressive mentality, A restlesness of spirit, A poor sense of self

Whether the twin loss took place during the first few months, in the latter stages of the pregnancy, during or after birth, the symptoms seem to vary very little.

Could this be you or someone that you know? If so this book could shed light on the mysterious world of what its like to be a wombtwin survivor and point the way towards healing and recovery. Here are the stories of so many who discovered the key to the mystery that had plagued them all their lives. Written in language that is easily understood, the steps towards identification and resolution are clearly outlined.