Behind The Scenes

The Pilgrimage Season at Our Lady’s Island just doesn’t happen by accident. It takes many months of meticulous planning and a small army of local volunteers to ensure the continuation of this age-old tradition annually.

Pilgrimage Helpers Group

Our Ladys Island - Pilgrimage Helpers Group

Sean Pettit, Treasurer & PA; Paul Kehoe, General Maintenance; Bob Butler, General Maintenance; Brendan Mullins, PA; Sean Meyler (RIP), Assistant Treasurer & General Maintenance; Willie Furlong, Chairman; Paddy Vaughan (RIP) Chairman; Mikey Stafford (RIP), Groundsman; William Burke, Maintenance; Hannie Pettit, Secretary; Tommy Maloney, Groundsman; Seamus Stafford, Groundsman; Christy Laheen, Outgoing Crossbearer; David Ormonde, Present Crossbearer.

During the past few decades a Pilgrimage Helpers Group was formed to attend to the maintenance of the pilgrimage route and car-parks. During each pilgrimage they look after the lighting, sound, erection of flags and bunting, control of parking cars and buses and the stewarding of the procession. In 1990 two of the founder members were awarded Bene Merenti medals by the Pope, namely Paddy Vaughan and Jim Butler.

Pilgrimage Shop

The Pilgrimage Gift shop is situated in the grounds of the Church and it welcomes both pilgrims and visitors all year round. The shop provides people with a wide selection of symbols of their Christian Faith and in some instance it provides a space where a person may find solace and a listening ear. It also acts as an information centre for those new to the Island.

Items available in the Shop range from Statues, Rosaries, Medals, Angels, Prayer Cards / Leaflets, First Communion / Confirmation, Handcrafted Cards for many occasions and a wide selection of our Lady’s Island gifts e.g. fridge magnets, pens, bookmarks, key rings and Pilgrimage Prayer Book that act as a reminder of the visit to the Island.

Information booklets that provide a well-documented History of the Island can be purchased in the shop.

Like all other shrines, Our Lady’s Island also has a Shrine Mass Intention Card that can be used for personal intentions; these are remembered at Masses said in the Island over the course of the year.

The success of the shop depends on the large team of volunteer helpers who give freely and generously of their time and energy whenever the shop needs to open. Two of the members of this team are Mary Hegarty and Eileen Lavery who have taken on the overseeing, organising and running of the shop on behalf of the Parish that receives all profits.

The shop is open throughout the year, every Sunday Morning, before and after Mass. During the Pilgrimage time it is open every afternoon. If coach tours would like the services of the shop please ring 086 – 3631396 to arrange this.


Looking After The Pilgrims

Our Lady's Island - Canopy Bearers

Canopy Bearers

Liam Wright, Paddy Parle, Brendan Keegan R.I.P., Eamonn Devereux, Ned Corish, Declan Murphy, David Maloney, Aidan Doyle, Terence O’Leary, William Burke and Paul Kehoe.