Nunns or St. Margaret’s Estate

Credit  for the copy of the map and tenant lists are due to Mr. Jimmy Maloney.

Nunn’s Estate – 19th Century Map

Nunns Estate - 19th Century Map

The map in particular is especially interesting insofar as it is probably one of the earliest, formally surveyed maps of large swathes of the Our Lady’s Island parish.  It is almost certainly based on the earliest ordnance survey map of 1841 but I am not in a position to confirm that and perhaps someone will let us know if this is the case.  One could happily pore over this map for hours.

Download Nunn’s Estate – 19th Century Map

Needless to say, much remains the same but there has also been great change.  On this map, there is no pier at Carnesore but Carne House is there, as is St Margaret’s House, Clough East House and Hilltown House.  Churchtown, Carne is a vibrant village. Unfortunately, we do not have any view of the land at Castletown, but in the History section of this site, we have been lucky to have a view of the front of that house in or around 1910.

Wager With Farm Workers

There is a story told (reference Mr. Oliver Doyle) that the place marked ‘not the estate’ 200 metres or so to the northwest of the St Margaret’s Estate farm entrance came about as a result of some wager that one of the Nunn’s had with some of the estate workers – he apparently agreed to give them whatever land a group of men could dig in one day – the resulting patch (now the St Margaret’s caravan park) was thus formed.

Estate Tenant Lists

The estate tenant lists are also fascinating although I cannot easily reconcile the map and tenant number references – this shall have to wait until another day.  Needless to say, a great many of the names on these lists are extant in the area today.

Tenants of Nunn's EstateDownload Tenants of Nunn’s Estate 1 (520 Kb)

Download Tenants of Nunn’s Estate 2 (480 Kb)

Download Tenants of Nunn’s Estate 3 (430 Kb)

Download Tenants of Nunn’s Estate 4 (390 Kb)

Download Tenants of Nunn’s Estate 5 (410 Kb)

Download Tenants of Nunn’s Estate 6 (460 Kb)

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